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Galvanized Steel Dog Kennel

The galvanized steel dog kennel is a heavy duty kennel that will offer years of protection for your pets. The product offers many great features as follows:
1. Constructed of 32 mm diameter welded frame pipe and 3.8 mm or 4 mm diameter black welded tempered mesh wire, our dog kennel is very strong and ensures nothing gets in or out.
2. The mesh and pipes undergo hot dip galvanizing process according to EN ISO1461 standard, so they achieve high corrosion resistance and long life.
3. The galvanized steel dog kennel is dog friendly as there are no sharp edges and mesh ends are welded onto the frame.
4. With quick access door latch, the kennel door can be locked if required. You can let the door swing inward or open outward, according to the habits of your dog.
5. The kennel is easy to assemble, and only 2 clamps are required per pre-assembled panel. If needed, additional panels can be added to provide enlarged space to make your beloved animals feel comfortable. All hardware is included for standard setup.
6. Carton packing is available for easy transportation.
7. Available size: 5'W x 10' L x 6' H, 10'W x 10'L x 6'H and so on.

We is an experienced galvanized steel dog kennel manufacturer based in China. Our products include animal wagon and trailer, farm animal housing, stainless steel dog waterer, and much more.

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