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The Heavy Duty Dog Kennel is the ideal choice to provide dogs the ultimate protection outdoors, which can be used for sleeping, training, transporting or confining your dog. It is made of steel round/square frame pipe with pickets or welded wire is durable and dog friendly.

Hot dipped galvanizing surface treatment for the heavy duty dog kennel ensures excellent anti-corrosion protection. Powder coating finish is optional which also provide nice surface and anti-corrosive protection.

Modular Panel Size Available (W*H)
1m *1.2m, 1.5m * 1.8m (5' x 6'); 2m *1m, 2m *1.8m, 2m *1.7m, 2m *2.2m

Unit Assembling Examples
1) For size 1.5 m * 3 m * 1.84m (W*L*H), including five 1.5 m W x 1.84m H side/back panels, and one 1.5 m W x 1.84m H door panel.
2) For size 3 m*3 m*1.84m (W*L*H), including seven 1.5 m W x 1.84m H side/back panels, and one 1.5 m W x 1.84m H door panel.

We is a specialized dog kennel manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides powder coated steel dog kennel, floating marina accessories, metal calf house, portable horse stall and more.

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