Round Bale Feeder

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Round Bale Feeder

Feeding large bales with a feeder is an effective way of saving your expensive hay. Designed with eating habits of cow, sheep and horse in mind, our round bale feeders can ensure that almost all your hay gets eaten, without causing your livestock leg or neck injuries.

Our round bale feeder is made of strong and durable round pipe and steel plate. The adoption of hot dip galvanizing surface treatment contributes to the corrosion and rust resistance of our product. As a result, our animal feeder can withstand impacts, harsh weather conditions and will save you hay for years to come.

We is an experienced round bale feeder manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including barrier and fence, horse round bale feeder, powder coating dog kennel and more.

Other Products
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  • Stainless Steel Dog Water BowlOur dog water bowl is made of quality stainless steel, which is durable, sanitary and rust resistant. It can last a lifetime, thus saving your money. The stainless steel dog water bowl is 96 mm deep with a diameter of 238 mm. It can be easily attached to the kennel panel with bolts.