Heavy Duty Hay Feeder

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Heavy Duty Hay Feeder

The heavy duty hay feeder is designed to keep hay together and reduce waste. It has a horizontal length of 660 mm and a vertical width of 660 mm as well. The hay feeder is fabricated from quality pre-galvanized material. It is strong enough to withstand the abuse the livestock can dish out. With a simple structure, the hay feeding equipment can be easily mounted onto the fence, stall, etc. Lid is optional.

We is a professional heavy duty hay feeder manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including galvanized steel dog kennel, farm feeding trough, cow round bale feeder and more.

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Other Products
  • Farm Feeding TroughThe farm feeding trough is a manger of pre-galvanized plate fabrication designed to hold corn or grain for livestock. It is very strong, durable, and can be easily mounted onto sheep fences, etc. The feeding trough is 2.4 m long, 0.4 m wide and 0.16 m high. It can also be customized according to clients' size requirements.
  • Round Bale FeederFeeding large bales with a feeder is an effective way of saving your expensive hay. Designed with eating habits of cow, sheep and horse in mind, our round bale feeders can ensure that almost all your hay gets eaten, without causing your livestock leg or neck injuries.
    Our round bale feeder is made of strong and durable round pipe and steel plate.