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Farm Facilities

As an experienced provider of farm facilities, our company supplies a wide range of livestock equipment, which includes livestock fence series, such as steel horse fence, cattle fence, sheep fence, etc., and feeder series, such as hay rack, round bale feeder, waterer, etc.

The horse, cattle and sheep panels we offer are multipurpose items. They can be used for a quick set up, a temporary pen, a permanent corral, and others you need. Different sizes or different fabrication are available.

As a professional farm facilities manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer round bale feeder, galvanized steel dog kennel, tractor transport box and much more. They can be used for a quick set up, a temporary pen, a permanent corral, a round pen or whatever you might need them for.

Other Products
  • Horse StallHorses' health and comfort are paramount during the time they spend in horse stalls, so these stalls must be reasonably designed and carefully manufactured for the sake of the horses. Our company is capable of providing stalls that can ensure your horse comfort and safety. With no rough edges and no or high ceilings, our horse stall is unlikely to cause horse injury. In addition, it provides enough room that enables horses to comfortably move around.
  • Metal Calf HouseMade of 50 x 50 mm square tube and 15 mm plywood for the lower part, our metal calf house is strong and durable, which can withstand abuse the calf may inflict, like kicking or leaning. In addition, our product is easy to assemble, disassemble, and no support post is required.