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Steel Animal Wagon

Our animal wagon is made of steel frame, and the 15 mm plywood is inserted into the frame to keep animals safe while in transit. Steel fence is also available, and the top cover is optional. The two wheels at bottom greatly facilitate the transportation. Featuring a hot dip galvanized finish, the wagon is corrosion resistant, strong, durable and long lasting.

With a length of 4 m or 5 m, our steel animal wagon provides enough space for your beloved animals to feel comfortable in. The use of 3 mm pre-galvanized anti-slip floor plates eliminates the risk of dangerous slip and fall injuries to animals. In addition, there are no sharp edges inside, further protecting the animals.

We is a professional steel animal wagon manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including portable horse stall, dog kennel, temporary road metal fence and more.

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  • Tractor Transport BoxThe tractor transport box is attached to the rear of a tractor for livestock transportation purpose. Made of hot dip galvanized frame and 15 mm thick plywood, the box has a load carrying capacity of 1.5 ton. With a length of 2.1 m, width of 1.6 m and height of 1.25 m, the transport box is large enough to hold about 5 calves or 10 sheep.