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Animal Wagon and Trailer

Our animal wagon and trailer are designed for conveniently transporting animals like cattle, sheep, horse, etc. They are made with strong steel frame, and plywood is installed in the frame for safety. Hot dip galvanizing treatment is adopted for long term corrosion protection and extended lifetime of our products. Our wagon and trailer come standard with two wheels to facilitate transportation. Without sharp edges inside, they ensure there is no injury during transportation.

Our animal wagon and trailer are available in different sizes. To better meet our clients' needs, we also manufacture our products according to customized design.

As a China animal wagon and trailer manufacturer, We also offer tractor transport box, metal calf house, floating marina crane, hay rack and more.

Other Products
  • Marina Floating WalkwayOur marina floating walkway is combined with Norwegian design technology. Built with durability and reliability in mind, it can withstand rough coastal and extreme wave conditions. In addition, the product adopts hot dip galvanizing surface treatment according to EN ISO 1461, which results in great corrosion resistance.
    Our marina walkway features easy installation and easy movement.
  • Floating Marina Dock FingerOur floating marina dock finger is highly stable and has a high load bearing capacity. It is firmly fitted to the main walkway by hot dip galvanized steel hinges. The dock finger is available with decking of treated solid wood, WPC, FRP grating or HDG steel grating fixed with stainless steel screws. It also has PVC plastic fender that can effectively block out the sediment.