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  • Marina Floating WalkwayOur marina floating walkway is combined with Norwegian design technology. Built with durability and reliability in mind, it can withstand rough coastal and extreme wave conditions. In addition, the product adopts hot dip galvanizing surface treatment according to EN ISO 1461, which results in great corrosion resistance.
    Our marina walkway features easy installation and easy movement.
  • Floating Marina Dock FingerOur floating marina dock finger is highly stable and has a high load bearing capacity. It is firmly fitted to the main walkway by hot dip galvanized steel hinges. The dock finger is available with decking of treated solid wood, WPC, FRP grating or HDG steel grating fixed with stainless steel screws. It also has PVC plastic fender that can effectively block out the sediment.
  • Floating Marina CraneOur floating marina crane is an ideal and practical tool for lifting up or lowering the boats and the other equipment. As it is made of powder coated aluminum material, the product provides high corrosion resistance. In addition, steel crane with hot dip galvanized (HDG) finish is also available. Quality built and reliable, our floating marina crane is CE certified. Hence, customers can feel secure in purchasing it.
  • Marina Floating Dock PedestalOur marina floating dock pedestal is an important piece of floating dock installation equipment, which is designed to provide water and electricity for the berthed boats. Our company mainly provides three types of dock power and water pedestal, including single side pedestal, double sides pedestal and FRP pedestal. These products come in different sizes and weights to suit customers' different requirements.
  • Floating Aluminum GangwayThe decking can be made of wood, FRP or aluminum, according to customers' specific requirements.
    Our floating aluminum gangway products offer a static load capacity of 500 kg. They are available in various sizes, like 5.8 m to 12 m lengths and 1.0 m to 1.5 m widths. We can also satisfy our customers if they are in need of steel gangway featuring a hot dip galvanized finish.
  • Floating Dock FloaterOur floating dock floater is rotationally molded of LLDPE material which provides high tensile strength and resistance to environmental stress cracking. The floater is filled with EPS featuring low water absorption, so the buoyancy is maintained even when rupture occurs. In addition, our floating pontoon can withstand high temperatures and resist damage from impact, UV and petroleum products.
  • Floating Marina AccessoriesOur company provides a wide range of floating marina accessories, such as fender, mooring bollard, cleat, hinge for main walkway, long floater connector, pile connection part, and more. These marina accessories are used for many different purposes. The fender is a bumper used for absorbing the kinetic energy of a berthing boat against the marina or other vessel. This helps effectively avoid the damage of boat or marina.
  • Pedestrian BarrierThe pedestrian barriers are ideal for pedestrian and crowd control purpose. Available in a hot dip galvanized finish or powder coated finish, our barriers are durable, corrosion resistant and aesthetically pleasing. They can be easily interlocked to form an effective chain if needed.
  • Temporary Road Metal FenceOur temporary road metal fence is a heavy duty fence designed for long life and regular use. It is hot dip galvanized according to EN ISO1461 standard for corrosion protection. With our plastic or concrete fence feet, clamps and stays, the temporary fencing system is very stable, versatile and cost effective. In addition, our fence is easy to handle and quick to erect. Pre-galvanized fabrication is also available.
  • Garden Metal FenceDesigned for commercial and residential purposes, our garden metal fence with spike head is the ideal boundary for a garden, park, pool, balcony or other areas. Delivering an elegant look with clean lines, the fence fits in well with any architectural design. In addition, our metal fence comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Custom sizes are also available.
  • Extendable Aluminum Sliding GateMainly made from qualified aluminum material, our extendable aluminum sliding gate is very durable, lightweight and provides high strength. Thanks to the anodized or powder coated finish, our product offers better corrosion resistance. The slide guides are manufactured using hot dip galvanized steel, and assembly fittings are created with stainless steel. The casters greatly facilitate the use and installation of our sliding gate.
  • Galvanized Steel Dog KennelThe mesh and pipes undergo hot dip galvanizing process according to EN ISO1461 standard, so they achieve high corrosion resistance and long life.
    The galvanized steel dog kennel is dog friendly as there are no sharp edges and mesh ends are welded onto the frame.
  • Powder Coated Steel Dog KennelThe powder coated steel dog kennel is built to last. The heavy duty kennel is made of 32 mm diameter frame pipe and 3.8 mm or 4 mm diameter black welded mesh wire. The powder coating on the mesh and pipes not only contributes to the surface appearance, but also provides great protection against corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel Dog WatererThe dog waterer is made of high quality stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. It can be easily attached to the kennel panel with bolts. With a diameter of 238 mm and depth of 96 mm, our stainless steel dog waterer can hold a relatively large amount of water without spilling, thus keeping the kennel dry.
  • Round Bale FeederFeeding large bales with a feeder is an effective way of saving your expensive hay. Designed with eating habits of cow, sheep and horse in mind, our round bale feeders can ensure that almost all your hay gets eaten, without causing your livestock leg or neck injuries.
    Our round bale feeder is made of strong and durable round pipe and steel plate.
  • Hay RackOur company provides two types of hay rack, including wall hay rack and corner hay rack. These products can be easily assembled on the wall or at the corner with expanded steel bolts. By keeping the hay together in one area and off the ground, they can effectively reduce hay wastage and pollution.
  • Stainless Steel Dog Water BowlOur dog water bowl is made of quality stainless steel, which is durable, sanitary and rust resistant. It can last a lifetime, thus saving your money. The stainless steel dog water bowl is 96 mm deep with a diameter of 238 mm. It can be easily attached to the kennel panel with bolts.
  • Steel Horse FenceOur steel horse fence is 1.7 mm tall and available in 2.4 m, 3.0 m or 3.6 m length. It is constructed of 30x50x1.5 mm oval tube with six rails and chain link connector. The fence comes standard with hot dipped galvanized finish for long term corrosion protection. Pre-galvanized fabrication is also available.
  • Steel Sheep FenceOur steel sheep fence is constructed of 30x30x2 mm square tube with 22 mm diameter rails and connecting pins. With hot dip galvanized surface finish, the fencing is strong, durable and corrosion resistant. Customers can depend on it to keep the sheep in and keep the predators out.
  • Heavy Duty Hay FeederThe heavy duty hay feeder is designed to keep hay together and reduce waste. It has a horizontal length of 660 mm and a vertical width of 660 mm as well. The hay feeder is fabricated from quality pre-galvanized material. It is strong enough to withstand the abuse the livestock can dish out.
  • Farm Feeding TroughThe farm feeding trough is a manger of pre-galvanized plate fabrication designed to hold corn or grain for livestock. It is very strong, durable, and can be easily mounted onto sheep fences, etc. The feeding trough is 2.4 m long, 0.4 m wide and 0.16 m high. It can also be customized according to clients' size requirements.
  • Horse StallHorses' health and comfort are paramount during the time they spend in horse stalls, so these stalls must be reasonably designed and carefully manufactured for the sake of the horses. Our company is capable of providing stalls that can ensure your horse comfort and safety. With no rough edges and no or high ceilings, our horse stall is unlikely to cause horse injury. In addition, it provides enough room that enables horses to comfortably move around.
  • Metal Calf HouseMade of 50 x 50 mm square tube and 15 mm plywood for the lower part, our metal calf house is strong and durable, which can withstand abuse the calf may inflict, like kicking or leaning. In addition, our product is easy to assemble, disassemble, and no support post is required.
  • Steel Dog KennelIf you are looking for a product that can not provide a place for your dog to sleep but also facilitate the training, confining and transportation of your dog, then our steel dog kennel can suit your needs. Constructed of steel round or square frame pipes with pickets or welded wires, our kennel is strong, durable and has no sharp edges, which can provide security and safety for dogs as well as peace of mind for owners.
  • Steel Animal WagonWith a length of 4 m or 5 m, our steel animal wagon provides enough space for your beloved animals to feel comfortable in. The use of 3 mm pre-galvanized anti-slip floor plates eliminates the risk of dangerous slip and fall injuries to animals. In addition, there are no sharp edges inside, further protecting the animals.
  • Steel Animal TrailerThe steel animal trailer is 1 m wide, 2.3 m long and 1 m tall, which is ideal for transporting small animals, like sheep and hogs. Constructed of metal frame with 16 mm thick plywood floor, the trailer is strong and durable enough to carry 6 to 8 sheep.
  • Tractor Transport BoxThe tractor transport box is attached to the rear of a tractor for livestock transportation purpose. Made of hot dip galvanized frame and 15 mm thick plywood, the box has a load carrying capacity of 1.5 ton. With a length of 2.1 m, width of 1.6 m and height of 1.25 m, the transport box is large enough to hold about 5 calves or 10 sheep.

We is a specialized steel products manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including farm animal housing, animal wagon and trailer, plastic press, and marina floating dock, among others.